Benefits Of Cardio

We all know that running and other types of cardio can help us lose weight and look good, but did you know other benefits exist as well? Cardio affects far more than just your physical appearance. We’ve put together a short list of other perks of regular cardio workouts:

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Your heart needs to get worked out just like any other muscle; 30 minutes or more a day of running, swimming, or any other form of continuous exercise can lower your risk of heart disease.


Your brain relies on the blood pumped from your heart for oxygen. Because of this, the benefits to your heart health from continuous exercise also apply to your brain’s health.


The National Sleep Foundation has conducted a study that found that people who exercise regularly go to sleep 54% faster and 37% longer than those who do not.


When your bones experience stress over long periods of time, they harden up and become stronger. This happens when you run regularly, and will lessen the likelihood of leg or hip bone breaks later on in life.


Exercise causes your brain to produce endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine; these chemicals make you feel good and help alleviate symptoms of depression.


With all these advantages, why wouldn’t we all want to exercise more? Here at Fitness HQ, we offer many different exercise equipment options. If you would like any more information about us, don’t hesitate to call at (512) 346-9300 for our Austin location or at (210) 699-8100 for our San Antonio location.

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