Fruits, Vegetables And Exercise

If you want to optimize your exercise performance, you need to ensure that you take in all the necessary nutrients. Your body requires more than protein to function efficiently. You need to eat your daily servings of both fruits and vegetables to get the most out of your workout. Here, we’ll go over how they can help you.

fruits and vegetables






Vitamin C:

Found in grapefruits, broccoli, oranges, etc., vitamin C improves immune function. You can’t work out if you don’t have your health.

Vitamin E:

Found in spinach, olive oil, tomatoes, etc., vitamin E can increase stamina. 


Found in cauliflower, figs, bananas, etc., these minerals prove necessary for muscle strength, nerve health and energy production. 

Vitamin B:

Found in legumes, vegetables, fruits and nuts, you need vitamin B for a healthy metabolism and to increase nerve connections.


These nutrients can’t get replicated inside your body, you have to get them from fruits and vegetables. On top of improving performance, they’ll make you more healthy. If you need exercise equipment to help you with your workout, Fitness HQ can help. To find out more, give us a call at (512) 346-9300 for our Austin location or at (210) 699-8100 for our San Antonio location.

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