Tips for Sticking to Your Exercise Routine

exercise bikeOne of the most challenging aspects of exercise is maintaining consistency in exercising over time. We all have reasons why we “can’t work out this time,” from work to kids to busy schedules to everything in between. One does not need to be a scientist or an Olympian to understand the all-around benefits of exercising for your health – and here we have offered a few tips to help you stick to a consistent exercise routine and pursue your best you.

Consistency is Key

  • Accountability: having a work out partner or reliable friend to keep you accountable for your work outs is invaluable. You and your work out buddy don’t necessarily have to work out at the same time, either – a quick call or text will suffice, and this person can encourage you to keep exercising even if you miss a workout or two (or more!).
  • Flexibility: having a set work out time is key for some people, while for others this rigid schedule is not possible. No matter your preference, there will inevitably be times where our typical work out times are interrupted, so flexibility in finding another time to exercise is critical.
  • Chart Your Work Outs: while to some this may seem mundane or unnecessary, charting your work outs on a spreadsheet or journal can help keep you accountable and also help you track your progress.

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