How Long Should I Workout?

No two workouts are the same. This means that there is no standardized answer to the question: “How long should I workout?” However, there are a few general guidelines that can help you answer this question. A few things that you should remember when planning your workout include the following.

  • Beginner level workouts will take less time than more advanced workouts. Advanced full body workouts can take up to three times as long as long as targeted beginner workouts.
  • Upper body workouts last longer than lower body workouts because there are more muscle groups to exercise in your upper body than lower body.
  • Stronger people will need longer warm up periods than weaker ones – increasing the time you spend in the gym.
  • Over exerting muscles can result in injury, and you should be careful to monitor the amount of weight and the number of reps you lift while exercising to prevent injuries.

To maximize your results, meet with a personal trainer to evaluate your level of fitness and design a workout program tailored to your specific health goals. Planning your workouts will keep you focused and allow you to target the areas of physical fitness you want to most improve.

The average workout probably lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the fitness goals of the person exercising. However, as long as you are happy with the time you spend in the gym, and you continue to participate in safe exercise habits, only you can determine how long your workout should be.

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