Exercise: Improving Sleep Quality

sleepingIt is no secret that exercise is highly important to our health. But did you know that the effects of exercise are as far reaching as the quality of your sleep? Yes, exercise works your body and your mind to physically tire you out, but exercise also helps your body regulate its stress response – a mechanism that often contributes to insomnia and other sleep disorders. Here we briefly walk through how exercise can improve your sleep quality.

Sleep is affected by many aspects of your health and your lifestyle. Exercise is one effective way to regulate these many factors that affect sleep, and ultimately improve your sleep quality. Your body’s stress response is simply how it responds to long-term and short-term stressors. Since exercise itself is a stressor, your body gets healthy, controlled practice in learning how to manage its response to stress. This helps buffer you against illness, anxiety, and loss of sleep due to heightened stress response. 

Exercising For Better Sleep

Of course, pursuing exercise consistently over time will help you best improve your sleep quality and your overall health. Having your own workout equipment will give you improved access to a reliable workout routine. Call us today at 512-346-9300 to explore Texas’ top exercise equipment!