Training On Exercise Bikes

exercise bikingExercise bikes are a common piece of training equipment in many gyms and homes, but as common as they are, we might not know how to properly train on them. Stationary bikes offer the ability to engage in a full body workout while still sitting, allowing for people of all levels of fitness and all body types to exercise. To help you maximize your potential on this dynamic exercise system, here we walk through the suggested basic outline of working out on exercise bikes.

Beginning Your Workout

Before you push full speed into a work out, the bike should be calibrated to fit your body comfortably. Adjust the height of the seat so that you can fully extend your leg until your heel touches the pedal. Then start with a comfortable, steady warm up of approximately 10 minutes of slow biking to ease your body into the work out.

Now the fun begins! Work out according your set time, heart rate, and speed goals. A great variation to standard biking is to pedal in intervals of fast, “sprint” speed biking alternated with an equal amount of slower biking. Don’t overexert yourself if you are just beginning your fitness regiment: set incremental, attainable goals that are safe and achievable based on your current health and your desired outcome.

If you are ready to start your fitness journey on an exercise bike, call us today!