Do Workout Sniffles Mean You’re Allergic to Exercise?

Have you ever gotten a bad case of the sniffles during or after a workout? If so, you’re not alone! Many people, including athletes, get a runny nose while exercising. The technical term for this condition is “exercise-induced rhinitis“, and it can feel just like an allergy. Here are three things you should know about this odd, and oddly common, condition.

It Feels Like a Real Allergya photo of a woman blowing her nose

There are practically no differences between the symptoms of exercise-induced rhinitis and those of regular allergies. The most common complaints are a runny or stuffy nose, sinus headache, and sneezing. Scientists are, so far, unable to tell why some people suffer from this condition, while others don’t.

It Can Be Worsened by the Weather

Exercise is often the only factor involved. Some people get exercise-induced rhinitis just from working out. Others only experience it when the weather is cold. Some athletes find that the presence of pollen in the air makes the condition worse, even if they don’t normally suffer from seasonal allergies.

It Can Be Dangerous to Some

In rare, extreme cases, people have been known to show severe allergic reactions to exercise. These include hives, asthma attacks, and even anaphylactic shock! Since anaphylaxis can cause a deadly swelling of airways, these unfortunate folks are taking their lives into their own hands when they work out.

Thankfully, most cases of exercise-induced rhinitis are very mild. If you have health related questions, please consult a physician.

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Training On Exercise Bikes

exercise bikingExercise bikes are a common piece of training equipment in many gyms and homes, but as common as they are, we might not know how to properly train on them. Stationary bikes offer the ability to engage in a full body workout while still sitting, allowing for people of all levels of fitness and all body types to exercise. To help you maximize your potential on this dynamic exercise system, here we walk through the suggested basic outline of working out on exercise bikes.

Beginning Your Workout

Before you push full speed into a work out, the bike should be calibrated to fit your body comfortably. Adjust the height of the seat so that you can fully extend your leg until your heel touches the pedal. Then start with a comfortable, steady warm up of approximately 10 minutes of slow biking to ease your body into the work out.

Now the fun begins! Work out according your set time, heart rate, and speed goals. A great variation to standard biking is to pedal in intervals of fast, “sprint” speed biking alternated with an equal amount of slower biking. Don’t overexert yourself if you are just beginning your fitness regiment: set incremental, attainable goals that are safe and achievable based on your current health and your desired outcome.

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Exercise: Improving Sleep Quality

sleepingIt is no secret that exercise is highly important to our health. But did you know that the effects of exercise are as far reaching as the quality of your sleep? Yes, exercise works your body and your mind to physically tire you out, but exercise also helps your body regulate its stress response – a mechanism that often contributes to insomnia and other sleep disorders. Here we briefly walk through how exercise can improve your sleep quality.

Sleep is affected by many aspects of your health and your lifestyle. Exercise is one effective way to regulate these many factors that affect sleep, and ultimately improve your sleep quality. Your body’s stress response is simply how it responds to long-term and short-term stressors. Since exercise itself is a stressor, your body gets healthy, controlled practice in learning how to manage its response to stress. This helps buffer you against illness, anxiety, and loss of sleep due to heightened stress response. 

Exercising For Better Sleep

Of course, pursuing exercise consistently over time will help you best improve your sleep quality and your overall health. Having your own workout equipment will give you improved access to a reliable workout routine. Call us today at 512-346-9300 to explore Texas’ top exercise equipment!

How Long Should I Workout?

No two workouts are the same. This means that there is no standardized answer to the question: “How long should I workout?” However, there are a few general guidelines that can help you answer this question. A few things that you should remember when planning your workout include the following.

  • Beginner level workouts will take less time than more advanced workouts. Advanced full body workouts can take up to three times as long as long as targeted beginner workouts.
  • Upper body workouts last longer than lower body workouts because there are more muscle groups to exercise in your upper body than lower body.
  • Stronger people will need longer warm up periods than weaker ones – increasing the time you spend in the gym.
  • Over exerting muscles can result in injury, and you should be careful to monitor the amount of weight and the number of reps you lift while exercising to prevent injuries.

To maximize your results, meet with a personal trainer to evaluate your level of fitness and design a workout program tailored to your specific health goals. Planning your workouts will keep you focused and allow you to target the areas of physical fitness you want to most improve.

The average workout probably lasts between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on the fitness goals of the person exercising. However, as long as you are happy with the time you spend in the gym, and you continue to participate in safe exercise habits, only you can determine how long your workout should be.

Tips for Sticking to Your Exercise Routine

exercise bikeOne of the most challenging aspects of exercise is maintaining consistency in exercising over time. We all have reasons why we “can’t work out this time,” from work to kids to busy schedules to everything in between. One does not need to be a scientist or an Olympian to understand the all-around benefits of exercising for your health – and here we have offered a few tips to help you stick to a consistent exercise routine and pursue your best you.

Consistency is Key

  • Accountability: having a work out partner or reliable friend to keep you accountable for your work outs is invaluable. You and your work out buddy don’t necessarily have to work out at the same time, either – a quick call or text will suffice, and this person can encourage you to keep exercising even if you miss a workout or two (or more!).
  • Flexibility: having a set work out time is key for some people, while for others this rigid schedule is not possible. No matter your preference, there will inevitably be times where our typical work out times are interrupted, so flexibility in finding another time to exercise is critical.
  • Chart Your Work Outs: while to some this may seem mundane or unnecessary, charting your work outs on a spreadsheet or journal can help keep you accountable and also help you track your progress.

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Benefits Of The Elliptical

elliptical machineSometimes going into the gym can feel overwhelming with all of the different machines strewn about. Which one should you choose? How do you get the best workout for your time? Here at Fitness HQ, we’ll happily go over that information with you. In the meantime, we’ve presented an overview of the benefits of the elliptical, and why you might want to consider one for yourself.


Work the muscles you want:

Ellipticals focus their workout on your legs, an area many people wish to improve. On top of this, however, they also work out the rest of the body. Because of this, they provide an extremely efficient use of your workout time.

Burn Calories:

The elliptical provides a great avenue for burning those unwanted calories. In fact, with heavy exertion, you can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 minutes!

Low Impact:

Despite the major health benefits of running, it can do a number on the joints. Luckily, ellipticals offer you a low impacts alternative. Because you don’t constantly jar your legs under the weight of your own body, you can rest easy knowing any joint pain won’t get exacerbated.


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Anaerobic Exercise: The Benefits

Previously, we’ve explained the difference between aerobic exercise vs. anaerobic exercise; the former uses oxygen for energy production and the latter uses other methods. Each has their own distinct health benefits. If you’d like to know what they include, we discuss the benefits of anaerobic exercise here.

weight lifting | anaerobic exercise




Strength Building?

Do you want the ability to lift a ton of weight? Want to focus on strength training? Anaerobic exercise can most efficiently help you reach these goals. 

Boost Cardio:

While anaerobic exercise doesn’t have the cardiovascular benefits that aerobic exercise does, it does increase the amount of oxygen you can take in. Since aerobic exercise uses oxygen for energy production, you can do it longer.

Lose Weight:

Did you know that the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn daily. Yes, building muscle mass can increase your metabolism. If you want to lose weight, but can’t get into the cardio yet, anaerobic exercise offers a great place to start.


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Breath And Exercise

Did you know that the way you take in breath while you exercise affects you in many ways? If you’ve just started a workout regimen, you may feel overwhelmed with questions about everything. Here, we’ll answer some you may have had about how to breathe during your workouts.

silhouettes of runners





During aerobic exercise, you want to practice breathing through your diaphragm. This allows a maximum intake of oxygen. To do this, breathe into your stomach rather than your chest. It may take some getting used to, but you’ll find that you have a lot more energy.

Weight Lifting:

When it comes to lifting weights, you really just need to remember to breathe. Some people hold their breath as a reflex during heavy reps, but you need to fight this urge. Also, during the exertion point of lifting, exhale.


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Your Brain On Exercise

Powerplate my7 Vibration TrainerEverybody knows that if you want to maintain your physical health, you’ve got to exercise regularly. However, a less intuitive benefit of exercise involves increased brain function. People often refer to the brain as a muscle, but you can beef it up with more than mental gymnastics. Here, we’ve gone over how exercise can benefit your brain’s mental capacities.

Stave Off Depression:

An imbalance of endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine usually brings on what we know of as depression. Fortunately, regular exercise improves the production and regulation of all three of these chemicals. Work hard to feel good.

Boost Memory:

Your brain feeds off oxygen, which it gets from the blood flowing through your body. Because exercise increases blood flow, you can look at it like “brain food”. Keep your brain “full”, and it will perform better.

Keep Your Goals On Track:

A University of Iowa research study found that people who exercised regularly had a greater likelihood of completing their goals. They theorized that carrying out and completing one goal helped motivate them to do the same with the others.


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Fruits, Vegetables And Exercise

If you want to optimize your exercise performance, you need to ensure that you take in all the necessary nutrients. Your body requires more than protein to function efficiently. You need to eat your daily servings of both fruits and vegetables to get the most out of your workout. Here, we’ll go over how they can help you.

fruits and vegetables






Vitamin C:

Found in grapefruits, broccoli, oranges, etc., vitamin C improves immune function. You can’t work out if you don’t have your health.

Vitamin E:

Found in spinach, olive oil, tomatoes, etc., vitamin E can increase stamina. 


Found in cauliflower, figs, bananas, etc., these minerals prove necessary for muscle strength, nerve health and energy production. 

Vitamin B:

Found in legumes, vegetables, fruits and nuts, you need vitamin B for a healthy metabolism and to increase nerve connections.


These nutrients can’t get replicated inside your body, you have to get them from fruits and vegetables. On top of improving performance, they’ll make you more healthy. If you need exercise equipment to help you with your workout, Fitness HQ can help. To find out more, give us a call at (512) 346-9300 for our Austin location or at (210) 699-8100 for our San Antonio location.